Prabhupada On Hitler And Dictatorships

Room Conversation, June 17, 1976, Toronto ‒
Prabhupada: Ah, yes. So these English people, they were very expert in making propaganda. They killed Hitler by propaganda. I don’t think Hitler was so bad man.

Morning Walk, November 20, 1975, Bombay ‒
Prabhupada: No, no. Hitler knew it [the atom bomb]. . . . No, no. He knew it, everything, but he did not like to do it. He said. He said. He was gentleman. But these people are not gentlemen. He knew it perfectly well. He said that “I can smash the whole world, but I do not use that weapon.” The Germans already discovered. But out of humanity they did not use it. And all the, your American, other countries, they have stolen from German ideas.

Conversation During Massage, January 23, 1977, Bhuvanesvara ‒ 
Prabhupada: Therefore Hitler killed these Jews. They were financing against Germany. Otherwise he had no enmity with the Jews. . . . And they were supplying. They want interest money — “Never mind against our country.” Therefore Hitler decided, “Kill all the Jews.”

Press Conference at Airport, July 28, 1975, Dallas ‒
Prabhupada: So dictatorship is good, provided the dictator is highly qualified spiritually.

Lecture on BG 1.4-5, London, July 10, 1973‒
Prabhupada: So up to that point, Mahārāja Parīkṣit, the whole planet was very nicely governed by dictatorship. So we can bring in such dictatorship, provided that dictator is perfectly Kṛṣṇa conscious.

Room Conversation, August 21, 1975, Bombay ‒
Prabhupada: I like this position, dictatorship. Personally I like this.
Prabhupada: Mahatma Gandhi was practically a dictator, but he was a man of high moral character, so people accepted him. Dictatorship can be good provided the dictator is spiritually developed.

Morning Walk, January 12, 1976, Bombay ‒
Prabhupada: Dr. Patel: Now she is not going to have any more elections. “Elections are not necessary. People have given me the mandate to rule over them.” 
Prabhupāda: Yes, that’s nice. If the dictator, executive officer, is very nice, religious, then there is no need of this election.

Morning Walk, July 10, 1975, Chicago ‒
Brahmānanda: What would be your advice to her? [Indira Gandhi]
Prabhupāda: My first step will be to capture all the hoarders and distribute the grains free. Immediately public will be obliged to… There are immense food grains; they are simply hoarded. They are not selling without good price. This is going on. Immediately she can capture the public. And some of the hoarders should be hanged, yes, so that in future nobody will hoard. People are hungry. And she says she has got some program, garivi hatta (?), “Drive away the poverty.” This is the point. If she can supply all consumer goods for the time being free to the poor, then immediately the whole population will be after her. And the hoarders should be exemplary punished. Shoot them, that’s all. Then nobody will hoard. But to remain the dictator she requires spiritual knowledge. Otherwise it will be another disaster. If she wants to remain the dictator, then she must be a spiritual man. She must become a Vaiṣṇavī.